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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My "Good Times" Friend!

Meet my "Good Times" friend. Her name is Glenna but most people don't get that right anyway so she answers to most anything. Glenna is special to me and I will tell you why. She is always enthusiastic about CTMH. No one else is like her and if I could convince her to become a CTMH consultant she would really excel at it! Maybe one day I can get her on my team.

I like Glenna because she is real; when she is in a bad mood everyone knows and thats ok, we accept her as she is. I love it when she bangs her fist on her desk. If you have not seen that you should, it is great!

I like Glenna because she loves her family and they always come first. From Tim, her husband, to Taylor, Faith and Elijah; one knows that Glenna loves her family of 5. Even when her husband brought home a baby rabitt that turned out to be a cute, furry, little ball of (insert curse word here)!

I like Glenna because she is funny and when you get her laughing, even at herself, she gets to a point where she snorts and OMG it is the funniest thing you have ever heard! Thats how we got the phrase "Good Times" or is that when she cries and snorts??

I like Glenna because she loves my stories about my family. Not too many people can listen to a story about a "Punkin Pats" and roll in the floor laughing at it with you. From the stories about spankings to the ones that are sad and back to the funny and happy ones, she is always by my side laughing, crying, or snorting with me!

I posted this tonight because I want everyone to know how important our friends are in our lives. They lift us up, they cry with us, they laugh with us, they experience life with us. I have many, many friends and I am going to introduce you to one every now and then. Be sure and take pictures of you and your friends. Be sure and scrap those moments and write down the little details. One day you will be so very glad that you did.

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