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Saturday, December 19, 2009

We Went To Ice At Opryland!

My mom took the four of us to Oprylands Ice, an indoor Ice Exhibit. This year the theme was The Peanuts and being the Snoopy lovers that we are we just had to go. This was part of our Christmas present from my mom. At almost 30.00 per ticket it can be very expensive for a family to go to this. Thanks Mom! We had a blast!

Everything is carved out of huge blocks of ice. I heard rumor that the carving starts several months before the tour opens and Japanese artists come here to carve the ice inside the building after it is unloaded from trucks. Everything in this place is ice. Even the pink chain link in the above picture. The detail is incredible. I know my kids will always remember this day.

Jake was amazed at all of the bones that Snoopy had in his bowl. This is the beginning scene when you walk in. It only got better from here with a HUGE ice slide. They provide the jackets and let me tell you those jackets are perfect for sliding down those ice slides. I flew down that thing and laughed the whole way! I felt like a kid again!!

In this rare photo you see two kids who love each other very much and were actually showing it this day. Nothing makes me happier than my kids loving and hugging and smiling with each other. If you are a regular follower of this blog you know that my husband and I lost a baby in October. While it has been the hardest thing we have been through, these two have helped us make it through. I love you Alexis and Jake and thank you for what you do to my soul.

Here is a happy Momma and her babies after being in the cold ice exhibit. Part of our VIP passes included hot chocolate and then a meet and greet with Charlie Brown. This is a day I will never forget and I wanted to share it with you. Sometimes art blogs do not get personal enough. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our weekend adventure.

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