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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mommy's Pal

Did I tell you we are expecting again? Did I mention that Mommy's Pal is going to have issues sharing his Mommy? Did I mention that I am doing everything I can to make sure he knows he will always be my pal? Did I also mention that he wants a sister so that he can be my ONLY pal?

He had a blast in the tub tonight. I was a cool mom and let him pour in his own bubble bath. his best friend Andrew gave it to him for his birthday and he was very thankful tonight that he has a good friend like that! So sweet... this is why he is a Mommy's Pal.

He had more bubbles in the tub than water! It took forever to wash the soap out of his hair and then took forever to actually get all the bubbles off of him. He told me that he has a bubble shirt and socks on! Again, this is why he is Mommy's Pal.

He loves to wear this pirate hat and pretend that he is anything but a pirate. On this day he was a dinosaur with a pirate hat and a ray gun. I told him he looked more like an Alien in a pirate hat and he told me that he was on Earth so thats not possible..... Mommy's Pal!

This pirate/Alien/Dinosaur/Mommy's Pal makes the best smiles and hugs and kisses. He keeps me going even when I am down and out and I love every ounce of this kid.
Thanks for looking and sharing in my joy!!

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