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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Post It Note Cover

Here is a nifty little invention! A cover for your post it notes!! Have you ever been carrying one of these in your purse or back pack only to dig it out and it has hair and crumbs and fuzz and who knows what else trapped all over the adhesive? I know this happens to me. Now I can carry this in my purse and have a handy little pad of paper for all those important lists and phone numbers that come up when I least expect it.

This is the first one I made and I used some cheap dollar bin paper from a local scrapbook supply store. I didn't want to invest too much in case it didn't turn out to be what I invisioned. I think next time I will use a heavier cardstock that maybe has a double print on it. I also thought about random stamping on the inside of the paper if I didn't want it to be white, but then the brads would still show that hold the outside punched circles on.... so all in all it turned out ok!

After scoring the paper and adhearing the post it note I then personalized it for my friend Brooke. Her initials are BNB and we use a million of these things a day at the office where we work. Last thing I did was use brads to put on the two punched circles. I had already tied my embroidery floss to one of the brads. Then you just circle around each circle with the string and cut it off where ever you think it should be.

I plan on doing a workshop with my customers so they can learn how to make these neat and VERY inexpensive gifts. I think the total cost of the workshop would be about $5.00 depending on how cheap I can find post it notes.
Last weekend my city (Nashville Tn.) was devastated by a HUGE flood. The loss of revenue and tourism and peoples lives and homes is just something you wouldn't be able to fathom unless you were here to see it. I would like to make these as a fundraiser and give the money collected to The American Red Cross!! So if you are reading this post and know of anyone who would like to donate please send me an email at if they would like to place an order for Post It Note Covers I will send 100% of the profits to The American Red Cross. Again, all I need is an email!!

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